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Il primo corso è di TRANSMEDIA. Mobile Filmmaking.

Cosa serve per girare un film?
State pensando a produttori, distributori, troupe, camion pieni di attrezzature?

Ve lo dice Spike Lee:
“(a)spiring filmmakers no longer have to go to film school to make great work. With a simple mobile phone, almost anyone can now become a film maker”

Splitscreen: A Love Story from JW Griffiths on Vimeo.

Ve lo dice il Tribeca Film Festival:
“In its inaugural year, non-fiction projects accepted into the TFI New Media Fund will each receive $50,000 to $100,000 in funding to directly support ambitious projects that demonstrate the power of direct audience engagement and cross-platform storytelling.
To date, this will mark the largest grant in the U.S. available to filmmakers who use cross-platform storytelling to promote social change.”

Ve lo dice il Sundance Film Festival di Robert Redford:
“In 2006 Robert Redford’s Sundance Institute announced a partnership with the largest wireless association in Europe to sponsor five short films for mobile viewers. They were created by, among others, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who directed the Academy Award winner Little Miss Sunshine.”

Ve lo dice il corso: mobile filmmaking workshop iStorytelling.
Workshop che segna il debutto all’interno del programma della Macchina dei sogni della nuova filosofia Transmedia, che precede i “grandi classici” Storytelling e Tv Writing.

Chicca Profumo ha passato diversi mesi negli States per capire cosa sta succedendo al cinema e alla narrazione ed è entrata in contatto con le realtà più significative di questo fenomeno.

“We don’t know of an example where that has happened on a large scale, but the potential is incredible.”

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